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This pool run on the new coin STAX
WARNING, the new coin is not compatible with the old stx
Save your wallet before you delete the staxcoin folder and install the new
Link Wallet for download new coin

A swap will be made between the old and the new coin
More details here


   Current coin  : STAXCOIN    PORT: 3567 Pool Hash Rate : 3625.3998333333 KH/s Current Total Miners  : 2


STAXCOIN pool mining   * Algo Scrypt POW /POS

    1. Create account.

    2. Download a miner.

    3. Configure your miner.

   Settings for Stratum (recommended):

    STRATUM:  stratum+tcp://altcoins-mining.com
    PORT:  3567
    Username:  Weblogin.Worker
    Password:  Worker Password

    If you use a command-line miner, type:

  •   CGMiner
  •   ./cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://altcoins-mining.com:3567 -u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password
  •   BFGMiner
  •   ./bfgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://altcoins-mining.com:3567 -u Weblogin.Worker -p Worker password

      If you want, you can create additional workers with usernames and passwords of your choice here

      4. Create a STAXCOIN address to recieve payments.

    • Downloading the client & block chain: Download the STAXCOIN client from here.

      Generate a new address and input it on your account page to receive payments.